The Dominican Republic's Most Haunted Places

The Dominican Republic, known for its pristine beaches and vibrant culture, also hides a darker, more mysterious side. For those who love a good ghost story, the DR offers a plethora of haunted locations, each with its own chilling tale. From ancient forts to abandoned mansions, let’s dive into the most haunted places in the Dominican Republic.

1. Fortaleza Ozama

The Cries of the Past

Standing tall in Santo Domingo, the Fortaleza Ozama is one of the oldest European military fortifications in the Americas. While it’s a testament to colonial architecture, many visitors and locals claim to hear the cries and whispers of long-gone prisoners, especially during the quiet of the night.

2. The Ruins of Hospital San Nicolás de Bari

Echoes of the Sick

In the heart of Santo Domingo lies the ruins of the first hospital in the New World. Abandoned and in decay, many believe the spirits of those who died here still roam the halls. Reports of ghostly apparitions and unexplained noises are common among those who dare to visit after dark.

3. El Faro a Colón

The Watchful Eyes of Columbus

This monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus is said to be haunted by the explorer himself. Night guards and visitors have reported seeing a tall, shadowy figure resembling Columbus, wandering the halls and looking out to the sea.

4. Casa del Tostado

The Lady in White

Located in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone, Casa del Tostado is now a museum. However, many claim it’s home to the spirit of a young woman. Legend has it she died of a broken heart and now roams the premises in a white dress, often seen staring longingly out of windows.

5. The Amber Museum, Puerto Plata

The Haunting in Amber

While the Amber Museum in Puerto Plata is renowned for its stunning amber collections, it’s also infamous for its paranormal activity. Staff and visitors have reported seeing ghostly figures and hearing mysterious footsteps, believed to be from former residents of the mansion.

6. Palacio Consistorial

The Phantom Mayor

This beautiful building in Santiago has a dark tale. It’s said that a former mayor, who was assassinated, still roams the building. Many have reported seeing his apparition, especially during the early morning hours, wandering the corridors and looking out over his city.

7. Playa Rincon

The Ghostly Pirates

One of the DR’s most beautiful beaches, Playa Rincon, is also home to tales of ghostly pirates. Legend has it that pirates buried their treasure here and now guard it in the afterlife. Campers have reported seeing shadowy figures and hearing whispered conversations in a language long forgotten.


The Dominican Republic, with its rich history, is a treasure trove for those seeking the supernatural. From the bustling streets of Santo Domingo to the serene beaches of Playa Rincon, the DR offers a unique blend of beauty and mystery. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a ghostly adventure, you know where to head!

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